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our customer-friendly, solution-oriented approach combined with our skills and expertise

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Constantly working on new ideas and developing new products, new methods, new processes and new procedures as well as new service or business models

Ground-breaking development

Tribotecc stands out by using knowledge resources in a targeted, systematic and responsible way


  • Innovation 2019

    Sulfitecc® Pentflo – Platinum Group Metal-free Electrocatalysts

  • Innovation 2018

    Fibratecc® – functional fibers for tribological applications.

  • Innovation 2017

    Sulfitronic® – highly pure metal sulfides and other inorganic substances for special chemistry.

  • Gears

    New synthetic tribological additives for high engineered polymers.

  • Innovation 2015

    New cost-effective alternatives for antimony trisulfides in friction applications.

  • Innovation 2014

    New iron sulfide-based synergistic materials allowing further reduction of costs for brake pads.

  • Innovation 2011

    New synthetic synergistic solid lubricants based on tin and tungsten for lubricating greases.

  • Innovation 2009

    New generation of tin sulfide based on synergistic materials as cost-effective alternative to tin sulfides

  • Hero Electronics

    Metal sulfides for photovoltaic applications.

  • Innovation 2006

    Comfort additives for brake pads and clutch facings improve sound characteristics and reduce NVH problems.

  • Tribotecc Machinery

    Fluorine, chlorine and sulfur free active fillers for the abrasive industry.

  • Innovation 2004

    Environmentally friendly synthetic additives as alternative to molybdenum.

  • Innovation 2003

    Environmentally friendly synthetic sulfides, e.g. copper-free multiphase sulfides.

  • Innovation 2000

    Synthetic sulfide-based chipping aids for powder metallurgy.

  • Innovation 1995

    Synthetic tin sulfide and multiphase sulfides offered as alternative to natural antimony trisulfides

  • Spacer Timeline

    Introduction of first synthetic sulfides

  • Innovation 1981

    Compound materials in addition to natural, ore-based sulfides.

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