Business Development

You are looking for metal sulfides to find the best available solution for your engineering project?

Tribotecc is the world‘s global market and technology leader in high performance metal sulfides, for example tin sulfides, antimony sulfides and many more. We are worldwide a superior development partner for various industries, e.g. the friction industry.

We would be interested to working with you on matters such as

  • friction and NVH optimization for brake pads
  • sorbents and catalysts
  • sulfides and fibers
  • functional additives
  • solid lubricants
  • any other matter where our experts for metal sulfides

    utilization could support your business.

Get in touch with one of our experts - we are happy to help you swiftly!

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Georg Bouvier
Business Development Manager
& Deputy Technical Director
+43 42 55 21200 256