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The transformation of electromagnetic radiation to electrical energy occurs in the semiconductor layers of solar cells. The semiconducting layers of modern thin-film solar cells usually exhibit a strength of only a few µm. Solar cells based on sulfides and selenides are considered to be state of the art. Our development activity is already focused, however, on new materials for semiconductor layers.


Regardless of whether disposable batteries (primary batteries) used one time or rechargeable accumulators (secondary batteries), Tribotecc supplies and develops sulfides for the production of electrodes for all battery types: iron disulfide FeS2 (Pyrite) as an indispensable cathode material for primary batteries, cobalt disulfide (CoS2) for thermoelectric batteries and sulfides with a layered grid structure similar to molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) for rechargeable batteries.

Carbon brushes
High-grade metal sulfides are employed in a broad range of carbon brush applications such as electric window lifters and seat adjustments, alternators and anti-lock brakes engines. Our innovative metal sulfides are also applied in electric engines for fuel pumps in the automotive industry.
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